Global Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc.

Excellent and Affordable Bookkeeping for Your Small Business
We’ll take care of your life’s numbers so you can get back to your life’s work

Our experienced team of professional bookkeepers will create a worry-free bookkeeping plan tailored to your business and help you get back to your life’s work!

You’re not an accountant – so why are you doing your business’ bookkeeping and accounting?

We want to help you get back to the work you love. So if you want to:

Stop wasting your billable time on unbillable bookkeeping work
Stop worrying about what the IRS will think of your DIY bookkeeping at tax time
And start growing your business with confidence

“On our first meeting I was blown away by how much time she spent with me so that she could really learn how I run my business and what my needs were … Nadiya communicates extremely well and is incredibly responsive … She is sharp, never misses a detail, and is a sweetheart on top of everything.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

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